Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Voices Have a Pattern.

The strange thing about people who hear voices is this. I have been doing research and it seems that when people hear voices or when they hear voices that clearly don't come from the TV or the radio but are from the voices that they hear is this: the voices always follow a pattern in the way that they communicate with the victim and with themselves. The voices always refer to the victim in the second and third person which means that the victim will hear him or herself being refereed to as "you" such and such. Also the victim will hear him or herself being talked about as "he" or "she" such and such. The point is that the person who hears voices tends to take what they hear referring to them. The reason is that for one thing they understand that they are the only ones hearing the voices. Also, sometimes people hear people around them saying things they are not saying and is even accompanied with mouth movement. As an example I have heard voices saying "he's sick" out of nowhere, also from the TV and the real strange thing is this: sometimes I hear people saying that when I'm standing next to them and I even see their lips moving, but they are not saying that because it could be for instance a friend of mine or a person I have never before seen in my life like when I'm in a store. Also it doesn't make sense that a person would say something like that out of the blue. Since this actually happens to a good percentage of people around the world, it makes one wonder if these voices don't have something of a say in international relations. Kind of creepy.

Voices also whisper and mumble words or phrases. When that happens it's easy to decipher what they whisper or mumble since often times it's usually something they have said out loud many times before. It's kind of silly, but it's not funny.

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