Saturday, June 23, 2012

Role Playing Game for Android

An RPG (Role Playing Game) is an action-adventure game which will also involve an immerse storyline and characters to keep the players entertained and involved in the game. An RPG will include various types of subsystems within the game. These subsystems would involved things such as a combat system, equipment and inventory and experience/level. These subsystems require certain programming concepts within the game. There is an RPG for Android devices called Andors-Trail and it has an interesting explanation for it's combat system in that it seems easy to implement in other similar games.

The games combat system is explained and an algorithm is presented for 'Attack Action' and 'Chance to Hit.' This algorithm can then be ported to a programming language, it does not have to involve Java which is the language used by the Android operating system.

Andors Trail - Roguelike RPG on Android

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