Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Turkey Day.

Hmmm, I bet that bird looks good. But don't eat it just raw. There are plenty of ways to skin a bird, clean it, prepare it, saute it or whatever process you prefer to cook the bird. The point is to cook it and enjoy it later.

A great way to cook the bird so that it is not too dry once it is taken out of the oven is to boil the turkey in a huge pot with added seasonings for flavor so that the meat of the turkey is tenderized a bit before shoving it in the oven. Before placing it in the oven, place it in something like an aluminum/tempered glass tray and stuff it with whatever you prefer to stuff your turkey with. Once it is placed in the oven, just follow your usual cooking routine, making sure to check the turkey often because it will likely be done much faster since it was boiled first. Take out and enjoy!

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