Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Territorial Voices

Something that seems to stump people who hear voices is that you just don't know where the voices are coming from. Science tells you that the voices are a chemical imbalance and that they are just inside your head, but in my case they read your every thought and comment on it, talking directly to you by something like "you..." or talk among themselves like saying something like "he/she...". In my case they don't quit it, and if I were to continue taking medication, which I feel would only sedate me meaning the drugs make me tired, then it might make me unaware of them.

Does this have something to do with using both hands? I'm ambidextrous and they seem to get louder and more menacing if I use my left hand like "he's sick..." or "he's crazy..." in a rather unsettling and joking manner, like having unseen pranksters intimidate you. Science tells you that it's a chemical imbalance in the brain and that the voices are just your brain doing strange things, but I don't completely buy that explanation, I think that there is MORE TO IT than that.

I'm also REPEATEDLY told to move to other locations and I perceive the voices to be extremely territorial. Sometimes I'm told to leave my city, the state, and at times to LEAVE THE COUNTRY ALL TOGETHER because according to the voices "I'm in Hell...". I also hear these messages not only from the air, but also from the television and the radio if I'm standing in hearing range, it's like scifi. I could give two cents about what I hear, but what is a person who is in my position going to do about hearing strange unsettling voices? The only available option that science gives is to take medication and why I'm I supposed to give in to that?

In the mean time I just continue to cope with it. It has been since 2007 since this has been happening to me and it's 2010 but I have read about people who have been going through this much longer. Imagine what it's like to constantly hear comments on your thoughts from something that you cannot see and that is the reality for people that are going through this.

In the mean time, I'll just continue to cope with it.

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  1. hi,I have to cope with it to,its like they are reading my thoughts and trying to direct me,medication helps,they come back when theres a stressful situation,it hurts and I just want to get away but I can focus my mind on my art,writing and music,that helps a lot,I too think theres more going on than what the doctors say,goodluck friend:))))