Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mufon Report

The following report I found posted in several websites, but I could not find the source. What strikes me about this post is that I can kind of relate to some of the experiences of this person. For one thing he mentions he could read people by making eye contact. I have avoided doing that too much because I used to get a negative response from voices. I also felt I was followed and I think it was because I was hearing voices at the time, but did not realize it; I would just assume strangers were insulting me, but it would be the same insults, so I assumed they were all in it together. Also, he mentions that he is attacked or something in dreams or when he is going to bed by things he can't see? I have had similar experiences. As of the date of this post, just yesterday at around 7:30 pm, several hours ago, I was having a nightmare and woke up from my sleep. As I awoke, I could hear voices talking to me, some sounded mean. In my waking hours I can hear voices talking, not too loud in the background.

I worked in a large 24 hour department store when I started hearing voices and worked the grave shift; started work close to midnight and got out of work in the morning. When you work in a department store and customers are mean to you, you just have to try and keep a straight face. Anyways, the report is below.

MUFON CMS - enroute on Amtrak - 9/8/2006 - unedited: I was enroute to work for the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Patrol Sept-2006 Past Customs ID 194485 Class number 626A Duty Station Piegan, Montana.

I left NC enroute to my duty station in Piegan, Montana. My life was threatened on Amtrak Train in Charlotteville, Virginia. A black female wearing a pink suit said that I was going to die. I was just walking past her coming from the bathroom. I did not know this female. I moved to another area of the train. I called 911 and was told to get off at the next train station in Charleston, West Virginia.

I got off the train in Charleston, West Virginia and called the police whom told me there was nothing that they could do. I was told to make contact with Amtrak Police.

I had to find a hotel for the night. I could see hotels within sight from the Amtrak Station in Charleston,West Virginia. I was afraid to take a taxi for some reason and I begged the guy working at that station to take me to a hotel because he was getting ready to close the station. The Amtrak Guy would not help me. I even showed the guy my homeland security papers and he did not care.

I left the station from the back of the building. I was carrying a pillow and blanket and a black bag. I had to cross the railroad tracks and then walk to the left. This is where my mind starts going sort of blank. I remember dropping my blanket and pillow on the tracks and then running. I was attempting to make it to a bridge within site so that I could get to a hotel. I was knocked out by something and the next thing I remember is walking from another bridge about 1 mile away. I was felt like I had been drugged or something. I felt like I was in shock. My clothes were still on and I still had my black bag. Something got me that I could not see. How did I get to another bridge 1 mile away from where I was at? I was on foot walking. The last people that I saw at the Amtrak Station before I left was the guy that worked there closing the station and a black guy getting in a taxi with some foreign guy driving.

As a child I saw a red light in the sky on Easter. I use to turn around playing as a child like I could fly. As a child I use to love to lay outside at night and look at the stars. I have always known that a higher intelligence existed that sort of watched after all of us. Most of our technology comes from these beings that we cannot see.

My intent to go and work for Customs was to track down human trafficking and look for missing persons. I have always known that aliens exist but I just dont talk about it.

Before I was accepted into the Customs and Border Patrol Program I had a bad feeling that the East Coast was going to be hit by something. It was like I knew that something was coming. I could feel it! My plans in life were to get me and my two boys off the east coast. I wanted to move to Montana because I thought we would be safe there. I also wanted to go to the Montana area because whatever I am I knew there would be others like me.

I can meet people and I either like them or not just by eye contact. Whatever this intelligence is that has came to our earth is like an energy force that can jump into a human and leave at will. You can tell when this occurs when someones eyes may change colors. I have seen these light things and they do not bother me. There is something else here on earth that is not good. I get really cold chills and have time lapses when these things are around. What ever these things are they can take you driving down the road. An example of what I am talking about is like when you drive somewhere and get to you're destination and you dont remember the trip. This time lapse thing began with me back in 1996 and 1997. May of this year I have had something that I cannot see bothering me when I am sleeping. These things can touch you! They seem to like to poke me allot to see if it hurts. Most of the time I aknowledge that whatever is there and I ask for it to go away.

There are beings on this earth that are attempting to help us and there are also beings that would like to destroy humankind. These beings can jump in and out of the human body.

This is my opinion about our current world-China is our biggest threat. The New World Order began in 2009. The power grid and banking systems will go down. It is important to hold on and hide as much cash as you can. Keep you car filled with gas and stockpile food, water and antibiotics. A sign to look for is when our military starts closing down military bases. When this occurs know that the time is near to get the heck off the east coast. I feel there is going to be Nuclear War. The only safe places to go are going to be the North West.

I have been working for 4 years as a CNA. I work at a place called Cleveland Pines in Shelby, NC. I love my job but it is not what I was sent here for. I want to be on the border working in Montana. I am going to re-apply and try again.

I found you're name on Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory. I think that you are doing great work!

Sincerely, *(Wit's name and phone numbers deleted--CMS/sg) I do not have voice mail set up but I keep my phones with me at all times.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters.

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