Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Strange Occurrence In Calchin, Argentina

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I recently read an article floating around the internet about a strange occurrence in a remote town in the Argentinian countryside. Apparently a strange person or humanoid had been caught at night doing some rather peculiar things around the town. This character has scared a lot of people silly by banging on their doors at night, running around their backyards and screaming like a maniac.

As I read the articles they all describe pretty much the same things. Groups of citizens have recently formed to catch this character. No one knows who it is and no one has been able to catch him/her. It is thought to be a person, but others speculate something more sinister.

This character usually shows up before midnight and in places where he can make an escape quite easily. The town folk who have been interviewed relate the same stories and they maintain consistency.

The authorities have gotten involved since this character has already stirred quite a commotion. The area around the town of Calchin has recently seen curious people from nearby town checking up on the commotion this person has stirred.

Among the descriptions of this character, it is also mentioned that he has been seen jumping around and running at incredible speeds. Again, eye witnesses relate the same stories.

This started happening in the month of August of this year, 2010. Since then, no further reports have been given.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters.

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