Sunday, February 6, 2011

Encounters in Puerto Rico

About six months ago last year in 2010 I found information about the strange experience a lady and her family had while living in Puerto Rico. This family used to live in the states and decided to move to Puerto Rico. While living in a house next to a rain forest (I assume is the El Yunque Rain Forest) she had an encounter with telepathic creatures/aliens. This experience was traumatic for her and her family. The reason this caught my attention was because the lady mentions the aliens (or pranksters) spoke to her inside her head like people who report hearing voices, very strange. They even like abduct their dog or something because it like disappears, they can't find their dog after this. It doesn't sound like they're "good" aliens. Plus they give them sort of a green laser show when one of their sons visits them and sleeps over the night. A link with a more detailed explanation is below.

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  1. Arguing that the aliens are real, the lady who had this encounter claims the aliens stood in the exact same position without any movement for quite a while, even as she did other things inside the house. It's possible the aliens just appeared not to be moving; they were actually moving, but very very slowly, as if materializing from some other dimension. She also notes her dog was laying with it's legs up in the air as if paralyzed during this encounter.